Thomas Upstaged By Gaylord.

To see the coffee machine laden build up to Joe’s heat, the actual race and the coffee machine laden post race interview, go HERE and forward to 1h 33min. 

Come on though, who really gives a fuck? Joe won easily, the story of the day was clearly Gaylord Silly, the 800m runner from the Seychelles who is a tree surgeon in his spare time. SPARE TIME? Maybe he should be practising his bastard running. He finished last in 1:54:93 which to be fair to the lad, was a national record. 

He trended on Twitter though, Joe didn’t. He’s got his own blog too so to be honest, there’s only one winner and here he is.

He’s flanked by club mates Lesbian Hilarity and Nancy Ridiculous, the Hogwarts 800m champion who’ll be racing Joe in Heat 3 of the semi-finals tomorrow.

For the full semi-final line up, click BALLS.

I’m sorry if the two guys I’ve given daft names to are part of THIS as it is genuinely brilliant. Keep up the good work.

Sometimes you just find something that needs posting on a comedy athletics blog. On this occasion, it’s another comedy athletics blog.