Joe Thomas Beats Some Of The World.

I’ve been away all weekend at a coaching seminar in Bristol. Personally I don’t think there’s a lot I can learn but it might be useful for the other guys there if they simply absorb my genius simply by being close to me. This has meant that I’m behind on the blog.

On Thursday I mentioned that Joe was racing the fastest men in the world. It was the fastest 5 guys and Joe that is 7th. The 6th fastest was in the ‘B’ race, presumably because Joe had better hair.

As many of you will have seen on Twitter, I told Joe that if he didn’t set a new PB and finish at least 4th then me and him were finished. He set a new PB and finished 4th. It smacks a bit of doing just enough in my opinion but we’ll up the targets for the World Champs.

Keep your eyes on the blog this week. In the coming days there’ll be another Athletics Weekly article about Joe and Jimmy, the designs for our new t-shirts, pictures of Joe posing by his new coffee machine and news of our probably Oscar winning film.