Joe Thomas Mocks Jimmy With Coffee Machine.

Joe’s victory in the UK Championships on Sunday saw him win ‘Performance Of The Day’. This was well deserved as he won by nearly 2.5 seconds which, if you equate it to distance, is roughly a lap and a half. To celebrate, and to helpfully mock Jimmy, he spend his prize money on this:

That’s right, it’s a robot. One thousand pounds worth of coffee making robot. If you read the webpage closely you will see that it’s made of one third Starbucks Saturday staff member, one third Dalek and one third magic pixie dust.

Slightly disappointing that Joe didn’t mention the blog in his post-race interview, maybe he’s saving that for the World Championships.

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I’ve include this little story as a lesson to Jimmy. Less pissing about drunk on bikes, more winning stuff at big championships equals really fucking cool machines for our kitchen.

- Coach Jarrett